Many of the services we provide are profoundly life changing and we feel that our pricing should reflect that fact. For less than a tradesman’s callout charge we can help you to experience incredible transformation.

  • Initial consultation costs £20. This is a 30-40 minute fact finding session where we explore the issue/s and put a plan in place. This can be done alongside a standard 60 minute session with a £10 discount. Initial consultation includes a short hypnotic induction or body and mind relaxation.
  • Standard 60 minute (approximately) Hypnotherapy Session costs £60.

This includes working on stress, anxiety, panic attacks, phobia removal, confidence boost, motivation, migraine, post traumatic stress, pain relief and any other conditions that can be worked on in single sessions.

  • A block booking of 3 sessions can be arranged for £150. Block booking appointments are transferable
  • Smoking Cessation costs £180. This comprises 3 sessions over a 4-6 week period and comes with a 3 month guarantee. If you start smoking regularly again within 3 months of the first session we will offer 2 further sessions free of charge.
  • Weight Control costs £50 per session. It is likely that 4-6 sessions or more may be required as there may be underlying issues to work on first.
  • OldPain2Go costs £80 per solution. No gain, no paying!
  • Laughter Yoga Group Sessions are a non-profit activity. We ask for a suggested donation of £5 per person which is donated to local charities and worthy causes after costs.
  • Laughter Yoga Corporate Workshops are created for each individual organisation. As such, prices will vary. Please contact us for a quote.
  • Group sessions can be arranged for confidence boost, motivation, morale, phobia removal. Call us to discuss pricing discounts for groups.
  • Reiki full treatment costs £35 and takes approximately 1 hour.

As with all remedies and treatments on the human body and mind there are no guarantees that lasting change will happen. Responses can vary from person to person and issue to issue

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