Laughter Yoga

laughter yoga

Laughter Yoga is almost a modern day miracle. Dr Madan Kataria developed the idea of making laughter a form of exercise in 1995. Since then the popularity has blossomed and the benefits have become more understood. There is now credible scientific evidence that shows that regular sustained laughter can improve our physical and mental health.

There is a wealth of information out there on how and why it works and please feel free to get googling but I can tell you, it’s much more fun to just come and give it a try. You have nothing to lose but your frown!

We hold regular Laughter Yoga sessions through West Lothian Laughter Yoga. These sessions are free to attend for all but we suggest a charitable donation of at least £3. These donations go to deserving causes throughout the West Lothian area. Check our calendar for dates and venues or look out for posters in your area.

We also organise Laughter Yoga workshops for local businesses and organisations. These sessions offer huge benefits in terms of staff morale and productivity as well as team building and harmony. Contact us to arrange a bespoke workshop at your workplace. It’s the most fun you can imagine having at work!

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Laughter yoga

Learn to laugh like a kid again

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