Sandy Stewart

Sandy Stewart

After many years serving label printers in the UK and European printing ink industry, Sandy was forced to give up that employment due to problems with his sciatic nerve. 2 operations made little, if any difference and he had resigned himself to the notion that things would never improve. That’s what the doctors and surgeons had told him so why would you question it?

He decided to retrain into a career that would not be as demanding on his body in terms of travel and on his time – 50 to 60 hour weeks were not uncommon.

After completing the Introduction to Counselling course at West Lothian College he enrolled for the COSCA 1-4 Counselling Skills course. This led to him discovering his strong sense of duty towards helping others. He had always been a problem solver but this was so much more. It also occurred to him that it was possible to be a spiritual person without tying himself to religion. The two are not intrinsically linked and this sense of clarity was the start of his spiritual journey.

After gaining his COSCA certificate, he decided not to pursue a counselling career but chose instead to study Hypnotherapy and NLP as this seemed like a quicker route to get to the same solution for the client. He gained his Hypnotherapy and NLP Master and Life Coach Diploma from The Motivation Academy at Boat of Garten, near Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands. The residential nature of the course also lent lots of time in the beautiful countryside to further develop his spiritual journey.

During one of the training sessions, Matt Fergusson who owns the company and runs the training offered to have a look at Sandy’s chronic pain condition. After a 30-40 minute session Sandy’s pain had gone from an 8 out of 10 to a 1-2 out of 10 – the lowest his pain had been in over 3 years. That was all the convincing he needed to know that this was the route he had to take to help others with a whole raft of issues, including chronic pain.

He then trained with Pain Concern to give him a more detailed understanding of how pain affects people’s lives and what can be done to alleviate not only the physical pain but also the mental health challenges that come with it. He currently volunteers on their helpline one day a week.

Sandy is also trained in Reiki, EFT, CBT and is a Laughter Yoga leader, for which he has a real passion. The health and wellbeing benefits of regular sustained laughter can be mindblowing as well as hugely enjoyable. Sandy uses whatever mode of therapy seems best to suit the client’s needs and is continually seeking new methods and therapies to supplement his tool kit.

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