Laughter Yoga Clubs in West Lothian

We are now running 2 Laughter Yoga clubs in West Lothian.

Monday mornings at Uphall Community Centre at 11am. These run every 2 weeks.

On the alternate weeks we run at The Strathbrock Partnership at 6:30pm on Tuesdays.

Everyone is welcome and it is free! Call or message for dates and to get on the list. Once it’s full, it’s full!

Laughter Yoga Uphall

Laughter Yoga in demand

We have been invited to the Mental Health Awareness Event at West Lothian College on Wednesday 15th November. We will have information about the mental and physical health benefits and will also be running short demo Laughter Yoga sessions.

All free so you have nothing to lse but your frown. Come along and see what all the fuss is about!

Laughter yoga points

OldPain2Go at ChangingLife Therapies

OldPain2Go pain removal

Sandy is now qualified to use the groundbreaking OldPain2Go method developed by Steven Blake. The results being achieved for pain removal are nothing short of breathtaking. people who have suffered arthritis, bad backs, joint pain, migraine, stiff necks etc etc for years are leaving after only one session with zero pain. The method is also having fantastic results with more complex issues such as ME and Fibromyalgia.

There is no formal hypnotic induction required with OldPain2Go as we communicate directly with the unconscious mind and get it to switch off any old pain that is no longer needed. Pain removal is aimed at chronic pain that is no longer serving the body a purpose. New and medically required pain are treated differently as it would be irresponsible to remove these. They can be substantially turned down though allowing you to be more comfortable while awaiting test results and medical intervention.

Call to discuss your pain issues to see whether we can remove them completely or turn them down to a more tolerable level. There is no need to suffer that pain any longer, unless you want to!

Laughter Yoga classes starting in Broxburn


West Lothian Laughter Yoga runs regular laughter yoga classes at the Strathbrock Partnership in Broxburn on Tuesday evenings at 6:30. Classes run weekly and last for about an hour.

Everyone is welcome to come along and try this new phenomenon. The health benefits are huge and it’s the most fun thing you’ll do all week!

If you have a yoga mat and cushion/pillow bring them along. If not, it’s OK. We normally have some spares.

West Lothian Laughter Yoga

Finally, Laughter Yoga in West Lothian

Live longer, laughing

Click HERE to see how laughing can help you live a longer, happier life. As we get older our immune system can become weaker. Scientific evidence shows us that regular laughter not only strengthens the immune system but can also reduce the likelihood of heart disease.

Now, isn’t that enough to make you laugh out loud?